• air-freight

    Air Freight

    Our wide range of cargo solutions and global network allows us to offer you reliable airfreight services to any destination. 

    Cavalier Schiphol SouthCavalier has gained a solid reputation as one of the most reliable international airfreight forwarders by offering a wide range of flexible cargo solutions and consistently high levels of customer service. With agents located in every major city in the world, Cavalier offers you a global reach with a local touch. Our specialized and professional approach ensures your air cargo is transported safely, securely and at a competitive price.

    Cavalier’s range of airfreight services are organized to address the challenges our customers face in the dynamic world of airfreight. All airfreight shipments through Cavalier are timely, planned and controlled to fully comply with ACN and IATA requirements. Your shipments are always tracked within our network, giving you a complete overview of your delivery.

    Cavalier Schiphol SouthOur customized services include: consolidation service, pick-up and delivery, temperature-controlled facilities, customs clearance as well as assembly and distribution of shipments. In addition we also cater for reefer/ perishables.

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  • Sea-Freight

    Sea Freight

    LoadingFreight delivery by sea brings its own specific challenges. As an independent freight forwarder, we aim to find the right solutions for your shipments. Through our partnerships with leading ocean carriers, we offer you tailor-made and flexible services.

    Cavalier’s flexible sea freight services cater to your specific needs. The key to our approach lies in our role as independent freight forwarder. Through our partnerships with leading ocean carriers, we deliver customized and cost-effective services. With well-trained employees and agents throughout the world, Cavalier will find the right solution for you and the best rates for your shipment. Rest assured, whatever the commodity, size of your business or desired location, we will deliver your shipment.

    Special Services Cavalier LogisticsOur flexible sea freight services include: less-than-container load consolidations, full-container-load consolidations, customs clearance, pick-up and delivery service. We are also cater for reefer/perishables. And our independent position enables us to offer you carrier selection and booking.

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  • road-transport

    Road Transport

    Loading cargo Cavalier LogisticsWith our pan-European network we provide pick-up and delivery services to and from every major city in Europe.

    With its own trucking fleet, well-trained and dedicated employees, Cavalier offers you a high level of service at very competitive prices. We deliver your business at the right time, to the right location, just as you want it. We provide services in the areas of Domestic and international courier services, as well as Temperature controlled pick-up and deliveries.

    Cavalier truck Cavalier Logistics

    The latest information on your shipment is available directly through our staff and our Track and Trace system. All road information is integrated into Cavalier Login, giving you complete control over your shipment.

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  • warehousing


    Cavalier WarehousingCavalier offers a comprehensive range of warehousing operations to cover any kind of commodity, ensuring reliable and flexible worldwide deliveries to your customers.

    There is a growing need for companies to outsource their logistic service activities to a reliable and yet flexible logistic service provider. In this business, there is no One Size Fits All! We help you meet this demand by providing and maintaining the required high level of expertise. We are continuously investing in our facilities, systems, processes, and people. Our experts take pride in designing and delivering the best solutions for your business. Whatever your industry sector, Cavalier offers dedicated and shared warehousing and distribution operations to ensure your successful delivery to customers worldwide.

    Warehousing Cavalier LogisticsWith our scalable and flexible storage space, we provide a wide range of services. These include: parcel delivery, bonded facilities, import/export clearing services and temperature-controlled warehousing. In addition, we can offer you Pick-and-Pack services, storage facilities (both indoor and outdoor) and full security systems. Stuffing and unloading of your containers is another option, and for cool storage we have a fully equipped dry ice station.

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  • special-services

    Special Services

    Special Services Cavalier LogisticsSpecial needs require special services. Cavalier takes on the challenge of meeting the highest demands by offering customized solutions to even the most complex logistic needs.

    Cavalier offers services for transportation and shipment of projects which require special care and attention. Our services are customized for each individual client, to address the often complex assignments. Each specific project gets taken care of before, during and after transport. Anything delicate or complicated gets our special attention. Our highly trained staff and extensive planning and preparations ensure that our client’s specific needs are taken care of.

    Our specialized services include: temperature-controlled transport, break-bulk facilities, air charter services and Supply Chain management. Quality checks are another option you can select, as well as consolidation services to the Caribbean by air and ocean.




    Aircraft on Ground (AOG) is a term in aviation maintenance indicating that a problem is serious enough to prevent an aircraft from flying. Generally there is a rush to acquire the parts to put the aircraft back into service, and prevent further delays or cancellations. AOG applies to any aviation materials or spare parts that are needed immediately for an aircraft to return to service. As an AOG supplier, Cavalier is qualified to dispatch the parts required, by road, air or sea, to repair the aircraft for an immediate return to service.


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  • carribean

    The Caribbean

    Cavalier Caribbean: ook voor export vanuit Aruba, Bonaire & Curacao!


    Cavalier ook groot in kleine koelzendingen naar de eilanden!


    Cavalier Caribbean

    Cavalier has three offices in Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao.

    These three offices bring our high service level even closer to the customer. The direct connection between these offices, Cavalier the Netherlands and Miami offers major advantages for you as our customer.

    • One stop shop for air and sea cargo from the Netherlands as well as Miami
    • One stop shop for shipping to and from Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao.
    • Seemless service from factory to consumer
    • Competitive prices
    • Personal approach


    Our services

    Airfreight import & export services

    website iStock_000001953033X_Arubacoast_mallFor our airfreight import and export services, we offer door-to-door service. Transportation, (customs) clearance, and delivery are included in our competitive prices, as well as all-risk insurance.

    • Priority airfreight service
    • Carrier selection and booking
    • Worldwide airfreight consolidation service
    • Scheduled departures
    • Pick-up and delivery
    • Export Packing
    • Material receipt, inventory-management, warehousing and distribution
    • Transportation by Air
    • De-consolidation



    Ocean freight import & export serviceswebsite iStock_000019034826Small

    As with any service, Cavalier offers ocean freight and import services that cater to your specific needs. Our door-to-door services include customs clearance and all-risk insurance. Of course, our experts will provide the proper documentation to make sure your delivery will get there safely and on time.

    • Carrier selection and booking
    • Scheduled departures
    • Pick-up and delivery
    • Export packing and containerization arrangements
    • LCL consolidation-service
    • Full Container Loads (FCL)
    • Inland freight
    • Break Bulk operations


    ArubaTrucking services

    Our high-quality trucking services offer the highest amount of service at very competitive rates. We get your delivery done where you want it, when you want it. Fast, secure, and hassle-free.

    • Domestic courier services
    • Trucking fleet for domestic delivery and pickup


    Pink Greater Flamingo (phoenicoterus rubber)


    There is a growing need for companies to outsource their logistic service activities to a competent logistic service provider. By continuously investing in our facilities, systems, and the process, Cavalier achieves and maintains the required level of expertise to meet this increasing demand. Our clients can choose from a variety of value added logistic services to make logistics efficient.

    • Pick and pack services
    • Bonded facilities
    • Storage facilities
    • Full security systems
    • Stuffing and unloading of your containers

    For special requirements we will support you with our tailor-made solutions.



    Special services

    Specific needs require special services. Cavalier is keen on meeting even the highest demands by offering tailor-made solutions for your logistic needs. Contact us to see what we can do for your business.

    • Temperature controlled transport
    • Break-bulk facilities
    • Warehousing and distribution
    • Consolidation services to the Caribbean and Surinam by air and ocean freight, directly through and with Cavalier the Netherlands and Cavalier Caribbean
    • Weekly shipping by ocean to Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, St. Maarten, and Surinam
    • More than weekly scheduled departures by air to Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao , St. Maarten, and Surinam
    • Air charter services
    • Reefer transport
    • Supply chain management
    • Project cargo
    • Quality check


    Logistic managementfoto2

    We take care of your logistic management, so you don’t have to. Our qualified experts are highly trained to make even the most complicated logistic operations run perfectly smooth. From pick-up to delivery, we will make sure your business is our priority.

    • Full-service logistic systems
    • Track and trace systems
    • Tailor-made solutions

    website iStock_000013356953SWILLEMSTADmall







    Cavalier Logistics makes the difference

    Cavalier is specialized in transporting special projects and shipments which need special care and attention. We take care before, during, and after transport, so you can leave your shipment safely in our hands. During the years, we have worked for a variety of industries, like textile, pharmaceutical, and automotive companies, food suppliers, and related perishables cargoes.

    Via our offices page you will find a complete overview of our contact list.

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  • perishables


    We understand the perishables handling process depends on a finely tuned symphony of expertise, judgment and efficiency. Big or small – whether it is one box, one pallet or a company-wide logistics operation – Cavalier organizes everything from the origin to the final destination.

    We coordinate all the variables in logistics schedules and customs management.

    Cavalier is experienced, expert and energetic because perishables require state-of-the-art processes and tools through-out the cold-chain.

    We know our clients

    Cavalier seeks to be a strategic ally for its clients. This philosophy of alliance is what makes us stand out from the rest of the industry.

    We know that our relationships don’t start at the cold storage facility, so Cavalier acts as an expert partner for its clients and fine-tunes a smooth and agile process from start to finish.

    We know the difference lies in the details, so shipping with us is easy, organized and timely. 

    Even better, our clients know their questions will be answered and their problems will be solved quickly and honestly.

    Our specialty

    We handle fresh-cut flowers, fruit, vegetables, plants, fish and pharmaceuticals. We combine efficient paperwork with agile handling to maintain cold-chain integrity.

    Our services inlcude: security, x-ray, quality control, customs clearance, pre-cooling, (de)consolidation, door-to-door delivery, temperature-controlled trucks, bonded facilities and track and trace.

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